Specialist Skills Tuition

The proven success of specialist skills tuition has been well documented. The foundation to that success requires quality coaches and dedicated students. Fledglings Cricket will give every opportunity for those willing to work hard and push past their potential.


Fledglings Cricket is giving boys, girls and adults the opportunity to train as the professionals do with a company dedicated to improving techniques and skills and ultimately improving match day performance. These courses allow you to learn and fine-tune all the techniques and skills you require to become a top-class cricketer – the rest is up to you!


Fledglings Cricket are giving coaches who want to know more about the skills, techniques and decision making, that the cricketer requires to be a consistent and reliable performer. These courses will give the coach, the technical information, and practices, to enable them to help to improve their cricketer’s performance.


The courses deal with all aspects of the specialist skill from basic techniques to the most advanced skills. The aim of these courses is to improve performance on the cricket field.

Batting: Against Pace, Against Spin, Striking
Pace Bowling: Multi Day skills, One Day skills
Spin Bowling: Multi Day skills, One Day skills
Fielding: Ground Fielding, Catching, Diving, Throwing
Wicket Keeping: Standing Up, Standing Back, Diving, Taking Throws from the Outfield
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